Seeds of the subconscious


Through our lives, internal seeds have been planted... buried deep under the soil of our day to day living. We have both positive and negative seeds lying in wait. Some of these were cast by others and some were dropped…

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Heart Break Down

It's early 2012… I climb on the motorcycle parked in Nashville. Just needing to clear my head, I choose to take a longer back roads trip to see my family in Missouri. Some things are changing (again) and there is…

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If we all end up blind...

Things are changing, no doubt things are drastically changing. But everything changes, everything progresses, whether we want it to or not. My friends that know me personally, know how long I have stayed the course and held tight to the…

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Is It Love?



If it looks love, but is vain 

If it moves like dust in the rain 

If it feels like love but is pain 

Is it love? 


If it sounds like love far away 

If it shows and goes in a…

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Near and far away 

But right here on my screen 

I don’t know what to say 

About these things that I have seen 


People trying to find a reason 

While they fight to live in peace 

We all pay the…

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Love attracts one thing...

“Love attracts only one thing and that thing is love.” Napoleon Hill 

This quote has me thinking… Valentine’s Day… A celebration of love.. but what kind? Romantic love? Everyone that knows me personally knows that I love this notion. But,……

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