If we all end up blind...

Things are changing, no doubt things are drastically changing. But everything changes, everything progresses, whether we want it to or not. My friends that know me personally, know how long I have stayed the course and held tight to the desire to play music professionally. My whole adult life has been making sacrifices, failing, trying again, falling, getting back up, just to try yet again. To build a life for myself and a family while playing music for a profession. I’d like to cry on your shoulder about the canceled concerts, closed venues and in general complete SHUTDOWN of the live music industry after finally starting to see the fruits of my labor push through to the surface. But I won’t... I CAN’T! These “problems” are so pale in comparison to the things I see every single time I turn on the tv or computer.  

It seems politicians on BOTH sides are spending their energy on crushing each other… Teaching the citizens that winning is most important... At all costs. Embarrassing, criticizing and fault finding your opponent is what’s taking precedence over us coming together for the common good of mankind and working together towards a solution. It seems that they try to keep right and left and black and white separated. The shit is rolling down Capitol Hill… It’s filtering through the media and piling up in our streets. It smells like fear, confusion, injustice and hate. So what are we to do… If you’re leading by example you’re telling us that we should scream LOUD! Louder than our neighbor. The nastiest tweet wins… If that doesn’t work, send in the forces. Use brute strength to segregate and dominate. Then you wonder why peaceful protests, when ignored, turn into violence. 

One of the main principles of the Constitution states that the government is NOT all powerful. It can only do those things that people have given it the power to do. By following the example of our leaders we are giving them the power. We are stating that yes, we believe in you so much that we will live our lives following your lead. You have confused and scared us so much that we don’t know what to do but scream out and be the very example that we are fighting against.  

Mother Teresa said, “If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a PRO-PEACE rally, invite me.” War on war, fighting violence, screaming hate louder than being screamed at… None of this leads us down the right path. Yes, there are bad people of ALL RACES, SEXES and COLORS. They need to be educated, they need to be taught, they need to heal.  

The more we come together in love, with support and focusing on how far we’ve come, the mistakes we’ve made and learned from, the victories we’ve achieved because of the amazing blend of people from all over the world that came here to live free, to create, to enjoy life together, the better the chance we have to heal. We are the melting pot, we have to start seeing America as a beautiful new color… a color that has all of the colors in it. They blend, and intertwine and create a beautiful design for our future that just wouldn’t be as spectacular without all of the colors.  

If we live by the sword, fight to find peace, wage war on war, take an eye for an eye... we’ll not be able to see this beauty unfold…

I will never understand

An eye for an eye

I will someday fail to see

If we all end up blind