Seeds of the subconscious


Through our lives, internal seeds have been planted... buried deep under the soil of our day to day living. We have both positive and negative seeds lying in wait. Some of these were cast by others and some were dropped by our own self image. The seeds we choose to water are those sure to take root, grow and then break through the surface. The thoughts we allow to dominate our minds are what feed and water those seeds.

The suffering we all go through carries with it both new seeds and the opportunity to nourish those already buried. The positive side of the temporary defeats or failures that keep showing up is those lessons being carried are the very benefit that will lead us towards more peace and happiness... if we will only choose to recognize them. The tragedies and suffering once faced can then be ground into compost that will nourish the flowers of our own peace and happiness.
When we choose to live now, not in past mistakes or in fear of the future, really listen, take adversity and utilize it for progress while nourishing true love for ourselves, then others… we will grow individually, as a family, as a city, as a nation…. as a race.

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